Featured Cigar of The Month - Alpha Cigar Company

Featured Cigar of The Month - Alpha Cigar Company

Authored By Jimmy Hanus

The entire month of July, Ligero Leisure will be featuring Alpha Cigar Company's Cigars!  They offer Absinthe Infused Cigars and non-infused Cigars.  You can purchase their cigars here: Alpha Cigars

Below are details on how they make their cigars:

Enjoy the highest-rated infused cigars in the world, rated 92 in a blind review by Cigar and Spirits Magazine.

Triple-capped and bunched in the cuban “Entubar” style for a better draw, and 100% handmade according to traditional methods in the Dominican Republic.  A light infusion of ultra-premium French Absinthe (La Maison Fontaine) is meant to focus on the flavor interactions with the tobacco, not overpower the tobacco. No artificial products, only premium absinthes and tobaccos. The Absinthe used in the infusion process is distilled from 15 different herbs, lending complexity and seamlessly blending into our choice tobacco leaves. The light infusion means that our cigars do not require a separate humidor or aging cabinet. 


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